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EN1822 Auto Scan Testing System
    Each filter is individually tested with thermally generated DOP aerosol. The filter is certified to have a minimum guaranteed efficiency and the results of DOP test are indicated right on the table. This has been the industry test method for many years. It is conducted in accordance with EN-1822 using an Auto Scan System to test HEPA/ULPA efficiency. By measuring the upstream and downstream concentration of these particles, the filter efficiency can be calculated.
ASHRAE 52.2 Testing System
    AIRREX uses ASHRAE 52.2 measure the efficiency of ASHRAE Grade Air Filter. Under rated airflow, by using NBS method and AFI method to test air filters efficiency, initial pressure drop, dust holding capacity and etc.
Leakage Test Equipment
    All HEPA/ULPA Air Filters can be scanned to detect the pinhole leaks by using liquid aerosol.
Pleating Equipment
    Made in Germany is the most advanced, fast automatic CNC high efficiency filter paper folding machines, unlike the general equipment, the most high-300mm origami height of the highest fold work it over is the most advanced models.
Metal Plate Equipment
    Advanced CNC bending machine, the more accurate production of the filter frame.
Metal Plate Equipment
    Automatic CNC filter frame molding equipment.
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