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Fan Filter Unit FFU

AIRREX FFU It is a lightweight self-contained ceiling fan filter unit for use in unidirectional or non-unidirectional air flow clean room area, such as semiconductors, microelectronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical plants and other location requesting rigorous cleanliness air. It is consisted of a motor/fan assembly and a mini pleat HEPA (or ULPA) filter.  Typical applications include Clean Room Class 1 to 100K.  According to classes of clean room request, efficiency is from 99.99% -99.999% @0.3 micron (H13-14) HEPA filter to 99.999% - 99.999999% @ 0.1 micron (U15-U17) ULPA filter.
Material of housing is available for Stainless Steel (304 SS), Galvanized Steel, Aluminum (Aluminum coated zinc plate) and Anodized Extruded Aluminum. 

FFU is short for Fan Filter Unit which is consisted of Fan Unit and a mini Pleat HEPA/ULPA Filter with efficiency 99.99%-99.999995%

F.F.U. Advantages:
1. Can filter system terminal equipment; cleanliness level is from
Class 1 to 100K. 
2. Modular: Easy deployment location, and may increase or decrease by the number of FFU in order to meet the clean environment a Relayout needs.
3. Adjustable Air Flow: By controlling the motor speed to adjust
air flow, the clean room laminar flow (unidirectional flow) are 
very help.
4. Widely Used: Clean Room factory side, device-side¡­.can be

Airrex F.F.U. features:
1. Motor: Airrex FFU used Germany-made External Rotor Motor.

1-1.External Rotor Motor, the fan with the motor rotation.

1-2.High Reliability, Stable Operation.

1-3.High Static Pressure, prolong the service life of FFU.

1-4.Excellent Cooling Capacity, airflow through motor, reduce the failure probability.

1-5.Balancing Excellence, bearing shorter than traditional motors.

2.Motor Fans: Airrex FFU used 3D design backward fans, motor fan (blades) difficult to attach the dust.

3.Adjustable air volume flow:

3-1AC Series FFU is available with 3 speeds control model, 5 speeds control model or continuous speed control
model to adjust FFU air volume flow.

3-2.EC Series F.F.U. used EBM BUS System. The air volume flow of each EC Series F.F.U. can be controlled locally or remotely. Each unit can be independently operated and controlled; or a group of EC Series F.F.U. can be operated and controlled together as a system. The EBM BUS system can control up to 7936 units of EC Series F.F.U. This system is accurate, easy to use and provide maximum flexibility for future expansion.  

4.Power Supply:

4-1.AC Type ¨C Single Phase, 220-230V, 50 or 60 Hz.  Use ring type transformer to reduce noise and eddy
 current, i.e. less energy loss.

4-2.EC Type ¨C Single Phase, 220-230V, 50 or 60 Hz.  Use a 500W variable speed controller to control the motor rpm according to an external analogue input (pressure, temperature settings etc..).  DC motors consumes 40-60% energy less than AC motors, thus DC motors run with less noise and less temperature rise.

5.Filter Efficiency:
   According to European Standard EN1822, by testing the particle concentration of upstream & downstream area, efficiency is from 99.99% to 99.999% @0.3 micron  (H13-14) size particles HEPA filter; and 99.999% - 99.999999% @ 0.1-0.2 micron  (U15-U17) size particles ULPA filter.

   Media is made from ultra fine glass fiber formed with high density papers. Each pleat is spaced by hot-melt adhesive to allow air flow through the filter with minimum resistance.

7.Housing Material: Stainless Steel or Anodized Extrude Aluminum Housing.

8.HEPA or ULPA Filter¡¯s pressure drop can be lower to meet special design requirement. 

Testing Method

FFU Proformance Data

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