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Tray Type Activated Carbon Air Filter

Activated carbon filled in 1 to 3 inch deep filter tray with rubber or metal housing. Activated carbon can effectively remove chemicals from air, including organic volatile chemicals, acid chemicals, alkaline chemicals, sulfide substances or any hazardous materials. This product is specially suitable for area with high concentration of hazardous suspension in air and high air speed.

Larger granular activated carbon filled filter frame, for different chemicals, can choose a different filter types (media type), to achieve the best treatment effect. Designed to place the filter box is similar to the housing of air filters, except it is with a series of orbit into the frame in the vertical V-arranged. It is also structure included a 2 inches deep W-Pre Disposable Pleated Filter to provide some protection from contamination.

Such filters because of high levels of adsorbent, particle size large, require a longer residence time in order to take full advantage of adsorbent, adsorption capacity, but pressure loss (pressure drop) is also larger, so more suitable for high concentration low wind speed sites

Standard tray is in Cold Rolled Steed Painted Black finish; Galvanized Steel,Stainless Steed or Epoxy Coated tray is also available for option

Activated Carbon Filter Proformance Data

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